Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cocoa beauty to bring you the depths of the ocean for greetings

Casting quality brands, for a new mask brand, quality is more important to refine on.Cocoa beauty to mask the quality requirements is to the point of carp, selection of fine cotton canvas bag brands, fine workmanship, experimental scientific rigor, and strive to give consumers the highest cost-effective natural energy to enjoy.
In the trial platform and micro-blog initiated recruitment order is like a raging fire mask carrying out, I believe many of my friends have to feel the cocoa beauty into mask intentions, there are also many netizens may wonder, the ocean spring moisturizing mask miraculous place in where?Let us listen to cocoa beauty Ocean Spring Moisturizing Mask behind the story.

Cocoa beauty ocean spring moisturizing mask is the main ingredient extracted from deep sea active fountain essence, essence is a liquid gel, molecular ratio general mask ingredients are smaller, more easily penetrate into the skin, easy to be absorbed, achieve the fresh and not greasy, stimulation to skin effect.

Water lock wet canvas Traveling messenger pack khaki, step in place
According to the study, North Equatorial current flows through Mariana Trench, subjected to intense upwelling of traction canvas laptop bag for men, the rich trace elements to the east coast of Taiwan, researchers at sea level 886 meters deep drains out of the deep sea water desalination, through physical treatment, living deep springs has a soothing, reduction of stimulus characteristics, ensure that the sensitive skin safety and tolerability.

The trench is in the sea deep place, is the most unique marine environment place, Mariana Trench as the world's deepest trench, if the world's highest Mount Qomolangma placed on the bottom of the trench, the summit will not be above the surface.
Cocoa beauty Ocean Spring Moisturizing Mask ocean essence is taken from the deepest ocean Mariana Trench mask, every single living spring are from million years layer, high purity, low temperature stability, and more than 90 kinds of minerals and trace elements, without a light layer of the ocean depths, without photosynthesis, therefore live spring Institute containing inorganic salt and mineral composition is very stable, with activity of the free form of ions.

The water molecule group was significantly smaller than the land water group, the molecular bond angle is 165 ~ 180 degrees, far greater than on land, water molecules in combination with angle, and the body of water, blood molecular binding angle extremely similar.
Moisturizing effect is available in other materials is more remarkable, can realize the instant penetration.The essence of the water molecules rapidly hold human cells, due to the higher affinity, so the lock wet effect is more obvious, truly realize the water lock wet in one step.

Plant fiber film aided more thoroughly the essence
Evaluation of the quality of mask, in addition to mask contains essence, mask used the material will affect the user's overall experience.Cocoa beauty ocean spring moisturizing mask the essence of raw material selection with good living deep springs, in the material can not drag it, selected from plant stalk extract made from pure natural plant fiber, is the lightest in nature most soft fine natural fibers.

It contains plant soothing ingredients, sensitization rate is low, environmental protection and no pollution.0.1mm thickness of the fibrous membrane, is only 1 / 5 of the traditional cloth, thin veneer, breathable comfort, and skin contact reached more than 97%.
Breakthrough three-dimensional weave, fit, air permeability, water absorption is 3 times higher than the ordinary mask.Essence and therefore with the skin for close contacts, assisted more thorough absorption of essence.

With traditional PK nonwoven film cloth
The depths of the ocean for greeting so close, new life water energy injected into the skin, make your skin fresh and attractive, water lock wet function lets you all day shine.


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