Monday, April 9, 2012

Fashion simple decorative style

When people see things in a blur of printing, complicated and trivial lace, confusion complicated excessive decoration flooded the world, a pure and simple gentleman clothing philosophy more popular: concise atmospheric angular stiff shape canvas messenger bag price lowest, eye-catching publicity in large grain jewelry.
.....Woman, also can be so strong and handsome plain canvas tote bags wholesale!
Poncho shawl Jin Chongyu lace BODYSUIT Jean Paul Gaultier decorated loop belt buckle Loewe pearl necklace Philippe Audibert Philippe Ferrandis made withSwarovski Elements Beaded Bracelet Gold Yves Saint Laurent water platform heels
Deep U collar width shoulder long gown Sforzandoby Vega Zaishi Wang retro feeling metal necklace, bracelet Helene Zubeldiamade with Swarovski Elements Tiffany Co silver rings.

Large particle publicity gorgeous stones stacked in front of the chest, with exquisite face formed extreme contrast, like classical painting like retro shades amazing halo, indulge in beauty accessories profile of overwhelming.

Cortical dress Bottega Veneta decorative bow spell color high heels Miu Miu Memento fine watch
Multicolored mosaic VINTAGE NECKLACE by Shourouk Rhaiem madewith Swarovski Elements Bottega Veneta leather corset
Symmetrical geometric modeling challenge senior custom tailoring skill and the viewer's ability to identify, futuristic high-rise shoulder line design and crisp fabrics with must be just perfect!
Futuristic Ruffle jacket Ran Fan cortex with lace shorts Dolce Gabbana at Manik Mercian made withSwarovski inlaid metal Elements
Deep V collar windbreaker type dress Jean Paul Gaultier key shape pendant necklace Tiffany Co.
Jean Paul Gaultier made withSwarovski Black Bangle Bracelet Elements
A dress of thick stiff fabric and hem partly hidden and partly visible between the slender legs form bright contrast, excellent design will be hidden in the serious woman appearance of complex contradiction is behaved most incisive.

A modified version of tailored dress Ports diamond necklace Manik Mercian made withSwarovski Celine Elements formalwear heels
Deep V collar shirt white Sportmax Black Patent Leather Leggings H M locomotive and ankle boots with Alexander McQueen Ben-Amun from Swank rivet Bracelet
Publicity is a modified version of men's red tuxedo collection of neutral and charming in a fiery red canvas tote bags discount, was more a few minutes of stick the cold touch.
Chest laminated accessories makes dangerous affair spread rapidly.
The red suit, red lace up heels, red toe pantyhose, Red Patent Leather Ankle Boots with Givenchy Lv Zhu Delphine CharlotteParmentier


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