Monday, April 16, 2012

Say goodbye to dry eyes turned eye beauty

Nowadays the society has already entered an electron to change, the subway nearly a various types of smart mobile phone, MP4, IPAD every day on a variety of exciting cubicle, white-collar workers every day at the computer report, working late, but did not know that in this habit and screen dialog era, urban people's eye health is becoming more and the more serious problems.
According to statistics the day in front of the computer for more than 3 hours in 90% people will appear with ocular discomfort, particularly for contact MM busy living condition more and more long, long time of contact lens wearers with improper use eye not only makes the eyes intense darkness without light, is more severe dry eyes and the problem of red blood sometimes harassment, make good life.

This is often because the traditional material of contact lenses by their material during wear limit, after a period of time especially in air conditioning room of various symptoms will follow close on succession, dry, itchy, lens also felt cheated layer things have a blurred vision, more serious is the eyes hate red blood, give you can not be ignored is invisible burden to my eyes and want to get rid of invisible burden, may wish to try a new generation of silicone hydrogel material lens!This is a new type of high oxygen permeable material of contact lenses, from Europe and the United States professional eye doctors recommended course more worthy of trust, it will contact lens comfort and oxygen permeability hook, breaking the traditional contact lenses confined water restrictions, allowing corneal cell time can obtain adequate oxygen supply, easily without the burden of.

It is the principle of silicone hydrogel materials, adding silicon, which can directly transfer the oxygen in the air, and do not rely on excessive water, so that the lenses of the Dk / T value (oxygen permeability) greatly leap, lenses the oxygen permeability to wear traditional years, half wear materials 5-6 times.
In order to achieve long wear.For example, a common lens Dk / T value is around 26, while the FDA (the United States Food and Drug Administration) defined a mirror stay required by the Dk / T value is 125, so, don't be lazy with a silicone hydrogel material lenses overnight!
As the company is the new technology pioneer and possess the technology patent, her products are all imported professional medical family produced Oh, which star products Shu as the oxygen oxygen permeability on the direct access to the Dk / T 138 high level was well above conventional hydrogel lenses oxygen permeability, corneal provides continuous lasting oxygen support, more suitable for modern people's living habits.

CIBA Vision also owns another section of high oxygen permeable contact lens type of day and night, its high oxygen permeation flux of 175 (DK / T).Close to the human eye under the natural state of oxygen permeability, even though the continuous wear 30 days without extraction, is currently on the market through the VO2 max contact lenses glasses, wear it, almost completely invisible, feel its presence, can let you work more peace of mind.

In addition to the contact person another puzzle is hated by protein precipitation, aiming at this problem, as the developed plasma anti precipitation technology can be in contact lens surface, the formation of a thickness of only 1/100000 strands of hair protection film.
The protective film is hydrophilic in nature, in addition to enable the surface to be more humid, and more comfortable to wear, but also can remove the hate protein precipitation, makes the eyes more bizarre.
Even if the MM daily makeup also don't have to worry about the cosmetic pollution to the lens!Just remember to wear makeup mirror, makeup, makeup mirror to pick first.
Finally, want to say goodbye to dry eyes, become beautiful eye, in addition to choose a high-quality lenses Canvas Log Tote, following several eye small TIPS, pay attention to oh.

1 keep normal work and rest, avoid staying up late.Lack of sleep, eye fatigue, dry and unwell.
2, a balanced diet, eat more contain vitamin A canvas messanger bags, C, E and other antioxidant fruit or food, good eye, contribute to the normal secretion of sebaceous glands.

3 let your eyes rest time.Read a book or play on the computer after 50 minutes, you should rest for 10 minutes.Drink plenty of water, toilet, take a walk, have a look afar.
4 remind yourself "blink".
Blinking is not independent, but to remind yourself how blink, and forced to blink, the eyelids half don't blink shrinks back, eyes half cannot get moisture.Therefore, it is best to do a complete blink of an eye movement, or blinking Large Canvas Duffle Bag, then closed for several seconds, let eye moisturise.


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