Thursday, April 12, 2012

SCHIESSER Germany Shu Ya love to seize the heart of woman

Confucius said: "only the woman and the villain to raise" do not know how to evaluate a woman Saint eyes, in essence: the heart of woman and deep sea, sometimes such as shallow beach canvas messenger bags bulk, and fine as silk, sometimes cute, sometimes as the drifting clouds, says to change.
To seize the heart of a woman, but is not easy.
Understand a woman man knows Canvas leather personalised satchel coffee, women do not care how much you romantic, they care about is whether can from life to feel loved, to feel you small concern.
Women don't care how much you are more handsome fashion, they care about is whether you have enough temperament and details of their admiration and worship.Women do not care about you with friends of the opposite sex is good, they care about is you can focus on her Canvas utility bag high-capacity, undivided attention, intentnesses.

Love for a woman, he will find that women do not care about your mouth is sweet, they care about is your words and actions to be consistent, and to be as one......The woman inborn is fickle, because they cannot do, in fact they have been just need warm, tender care and love.
Deep down, can have a harbor can be anchored, can have an arm as they hold a clear day.A woman does not care about you in the material life to give her much meet, they care about is usually somewhere in details, such as a "baby, thank you", for example, an intimate and comfortable underwear.

Carefully taste a woman, will find a woman to anything requirements are not many, they only want their loved, want their comfortable, happy life.SCHIESSER Germany Shu Ya underwear and all know how to love a woman as a man, with "love", firmly seize the woman's heart.
Underwear for women, the greatest love is nothing more than a comfortable feeling and exquisite workmanship.The woman in the closet, there must be a few intimate underwear with all kinds of coat.According to the survey, SCHIESSER Germany Shu Ya is the most well-being of women underwear.
Be strict in one's demands of professional spirit, the environmental health of the cloth material, simple but not single cut design tender, silky lubrication, these have not make a woman feel "love" causes.

How to seize the heart of a woman, SCHIESSER Germany Shu Ya know: they don't care......Not care.They do not care a lot, all care about just how much you love her, much to spoil her.People often say that women are made of water, not only because of their gentle, tolerant, fine finish, because they are soft, vulnerable groups.


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