Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Festival of the Chinese major suit plot

In the Spring Festival once a year, choose one thing with Chinese flavor goods or red small ornaments, festive atmosphere in the save at the same time, the highlight of your good taste, enjoy a festive holiday!
Chinese bright
From come from Chinese traditional mascot gourd is the first of a series to blend Eastern and western the essence of the "Ling Long" series, Qeelin has been the Chinese culture in senior jewelry.
A replaceable clothing Panda "Fashion Bobo" or a group of Chinese and Western panda family, is added to the festival of fun.While the meaning of soul High capacity bag, washing cleaning earth 'bells also evolved into a new series of pendant, bracelets and rings, diamond, jet set, different styles of the bells are flowing, and the hidden diamond hit a tinkle bell, for the traditional Chinese Spring Festival bring good wishes!
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Limited Edition Qeelin Grande Pendant Qeelin necklace "Ling Long" series ring
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Louis Vuitton traditional dotting
If you have begun to Chinese heart the most important holiday costumes, in addition to the traditional red embellishment, with Chinese characteristics is also essential.
Louis Vuitton brings moral luck and Chinese culture lanterns, mahjong, face key card, interesting and beautiful, traditional, personality, fashion, as in his grasp!
Harry Winston Greater China special commemorative edition of Ocean chronograph
The wrist between red red symbolizes good luck, happy, passion, vitality, is China's colors.
Harry Winston this year launched China Limited 8 Ocean chronograph designer canvas handbag, to Chinese's lucky number 8 for the elements of design, with a strong Chinese flavor of red dial canvas tote bag bulk, shows there is nothing comparable to this atmosphere.
Men and women wear for neutral wind motion table, also has reached 100 meters waterproof function, full of Chinese flavor and beautiful appearance and practical connotation, will become your Spring Festival holidays should not miss the wearer selected.


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